Technology holds tremendous relevance in the present times. It would be amazing to be a part of the transformation it will bring to Indian politics.

Over the past few weeks, we have spoken at length about Dhan Vapasi, and why every family must be returned one lakh rupees every year as their share of the public wealth.

On Dassera, Oct 19, we will launch the Dhan Vapasi tech platform – to return political power to you so that together we can make Dhan Vapasi happen. In this chat, I want to summarise the key ideas that we have discussed over the past two months, and to explain my motivation for launching Dhan Vapasi.

On August 15, we started with the idea of Dhan Vapasi, and the Dhan Vapasi Petition which has been signed by tens of thousands of you.

We then drafted the Dhan Vapasi Bill and sent it to the Prime Minister and all Lok Sabha and Rajya MPs. The hope is that they will begin the process of passing the Dhan Vapasi Bill in Parliament.

But if they do not act, then we need to elect our own MPs to the Lok Sabha who will pass the Dhan Vapasi Bill. This can be done because we are 70 crore – more than 4 times the support base of the largest political party in India.

In my previous chat, I outlined the way to elect our own Independent MPs to the Lok Sabha. We don’t need to create a new political party; what we need is a new technology platform.

The way to make Dhan Vapasi happen is by uniting the power of our vote and voice to make the political parties irrelevant.

Many of you have written to me asking me my motive in doing this. I owe you an explanation.

I am doing this because of my self-interest. My interest is that I want to live in a better India that is free from poverty, unemployment and corruption.

It is in my interest that I live in an India in which everyone has opportunities for advancement and to achieve their dreams. It is in my interest that I want the future generations to have the prosperity they deserve. It is in my interest that no Indian is left behind.

I am sure that like me, it is also in your self-interest to live in a free and prosperous India. If like me, you are angry about the prosperity denied by the political class, then let’s make the change together. Let’s make India a better country for ourselves and our children.

If you feel the anger about the wealth that have stolen from you and your family, the anger that the political class live in luxury at your expense, the anger that the people you trusted have betrayed you, walk with me.

If you want to be rich and free, walk the path to prosperity with me.

If you decide to walk the path of prosperity, persuade others around you to join you. Once we embark on that path, nothing can stop us from winning, from making every Indian rich and free.

So the next time someone asks you “What’s the alternative?” you can confidently reply, “Dhan Vapasi. Dhan Vapasi and its tech platform is the alternative to our broken political system.

Lok Sabha Jeeto, Dhan Vapasi Karo.

I invite you to join me for the for launch of the Dhan Vapasi technology platform on Dassera, October 19.

Jai Hind