Dhan Vapasi

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What is Dhan Vapasi?

The public wealth of India is at least ₹1500 lakh crore or ₹50 lakh for every Indian family. Currently, this wealth lies with the government. The return of this wealth can power every Indian’s dreams and aspirations, and create jobs and opportunities.

Dhan Vapasi is a people-led movement to demand that the government must return ₹1 lakh every year to every Indian family.

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Why do we need Dhan Vapasi?

Poverty, Unemployment and Corruption does not have to be India's destiny.

Since independence, successive governments in India have unfortunately failed to bring prosperity to us. The challenge in India is not lack of wealth, but people’s access to their rightful share. Poverty can be removed, if people’s wealth is rightfully returned back to them.

Our public wealth has been continually abused and misused even after independence. It is time for us to demand our share of the public wealth back. The perpetual poverty, unemployment, lack of education, healthcare and corruption cannot continue if we want to live in a prosperous nation and have a secure future for our children.

Dhan Vapasi is a practical and timely solution. Let us support Dhan Vapasi and ensure that no Indian is poor.

The Public Wealth of India

India is one of the richest countries in terms of land, mineral wealth and other natural endowments. A conservative estimate of our mineral wealth, surplus public land and ailing government-owned companies is at least ₹1500 lakh crore. This amount translates to more than ₹50 lakh for every Indian family. We are also continuously consolidating publicly available information of this wealth in a wiki. You can also contribute towards enriching the Public Wealth Wiki

To know more about how every Indian family can get back their rightful share of public wealth, read our Dhan Vapasi Bill and Report

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