Let’s Make Dhan Vapasi Happen: First Steps

“Let’s Make Dhan Vapasi Happen”– many of you have said the same thing in your emails and feedback to us. And that is exactly what we are going to do.

Thank you for the wonderful response to the Dhan Vapasi video. Thousands of people have already signed the Dhan Vapasi Petition – to demand that the government return Rs 1 lakh every year to every family in India as their share of the public wealth.

At a bookstore a few days ago, the manager came up to me and said, “I saw the Dhan Vapasi video. I had all our staff watch it also. Let’s make Dhan Vapasi happen.”

“Let’s Make Dhan Vapasi Happen” –many of you have said the same thing in your emails and feedback to us. And that is exactly what we are going to do. 2019 is going to the Year of Dhan Vapasi, the year every Indian family starts becoming prosperous.

Dhan Vapasi will lead to faster economic growth, job creation, the eradication of poverty, and reduction in public corruption. It is also the morally right thing to do. No one is entitled to steal from you, not even the government.

We have just published a booklet that explains why Dhan Vapasi is the only and correct path to prosperity and wealth creation. You can get it at DhanVapasi.com. We will have Indian language versions available soon. Read it, share it, and make sure you sign the Dhan Vapasi Petition – because to get our wealth back, we need to first make our voice heard.

We will soon be sending the Dhan Vapasi Bill to all the MPs. We will make the Bill available on our website also. It will now be the duty of the MPs to pass the Dhan Vapasi Bill. And if they don’t act, we must be prepared to elect MPs in the next Lok Sabha elections who will act, and pass the Dhan Vapasi Bill.

We together have to make us, our family and every Indian rich and free – free from the hamesha problems of poverty, unemployment and corruption, free from the clutches of the politicians and bureaucrats. The gift of prosperity must be available to every Indian. The birthright of Dhan Vapasi of every Indian will be theirs.

I will be back with more soon. Our movement has just begun.

Yeh Hain Mere Mann Ki Baat, Aapke Dhan Ki Baat.

Jai Hind.