Dhan Vapasi: Our Choice

We can make this election about Dhan Vapasi. About prosperity, jobs, freedom, not the failed attempts at solving poverty, unemployment, corruption, waste.

In a few months, we will have another Lok Sabha election. It will offer us little choice. Just what has been given for the last 70 years — divisive politics to distract people from the real issues we face.

But we can create an alternative for ourselves. A new choice, a new direction.

We can make this election about us and not about them — the politicians.

We can make this election about prosperity, jobs and freedom — and not those failed attempts at solving poverty, unemployment, corruption and waste.

We can make this election about the return of our wealth Dhan Vapasi — instead of handing over more of our wealth to the government.

Every Prime minister and every government has failed to make Indians rich.

We can continue to vote for those who failed us for 70 years. Or we can come together and vote for Dhan Vapasi.

Our Dhan Vapasi booklet explains how we can be rich and free.

We say in it, “As citizens, we are responsible for the kind of government we get. Our wishes have to be followed by our democratically elected representatives. If those elected do not pay attention to our demands, it is our responsibility to elect others who would listen to our voice.”

Did you know that we are 4.5 times larger than the support base of any political party? We are in the majority. If we stay divided the politicians will continue in power at our cost. If we come together, we have a choice. We can make it about us and our prosperity. It’s our duty.

In my next video, I will show you how we can make it happen.