"With the Dhan Vapasi platform, we, the voters, will choose from among ourselves who will represent us." -Rajesh Jain

We all hear people say, that there is no alternative.

They say we are forced to vote for this or that party even if they have disappointed us in the past because there is no alternative.

But that is wrong. It may have been correct 10 or 20 years ago but not anymore. We are no longer forced to vote for candidates that the political parties choose. We have the power to choose an alternative that is superior to what the big political parties are offering.

We have the freedom to vote for our own candidates whom we choose. What gives us this new freedom is the power of technology. It allows good candidates to stand for elections and it allows us, voters, to vote for those who truly represent us.

It is this technology platform that I want to show you – the Dhan Vapasi digital platform, which will help us come together as one, and select and elect candidates for winning the Lok Sabha, and make Dhan Vapasi happen – so that every Indian family can get back their Rs 1 lakh every year.

Through the Dhan Vapasi platform, you can sign-up as a member, help others to sign-up, choose the candidate to represent you in the Lok Sabha via internal elections and if you want, you yourself can contest in the primaries.

Watch the video for details:

Friends, Dhan Vapasi is a big idea, a bold plan. We have to make big plans because achieving little plans does not make any difference in the world. We have to aim for the stars because we can. It is our duty.

If we do the hard work together, we will win. We will win because our position is morally correct.

As desh bhakts, we have to work together to make our Bharat Mahan.

Jai Hind.