Dhan Vapasi is the demand that the government return ₹ 1 lakh every year to every family in India as their share of the public wealth.

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What is Dhan Vapasi?

The public wealth of India is at least ₹1500 lakh crore or ₹50 lakh for every Indian family. Currently, this wealth lies with the government. The return of this wealth can power every Indian’s dreams and aspirations, and create jobs and opportunities.

Make Dhan Vapasi a Reality

The Dhan Vapasi movement will work towards the return of public wealth that belongs to the people of India. Dhan Vapasi will ensure that every Indian family gets ₹1 lakh in their bank accounts every year.

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Why we need Dhan Vapasi?

Poverty, Unemployment and Corruption does not have to be India's destiny.

One out of every third poor person in the world lives in India

Half of all Indian children are chronically undernourished

Over ₹1500 lakh crore of our wealth is lying with the government

The challenge in India is not lack of wealth, but people’s access to their rightful share.


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Meet Rajesh Jain

We can make India prosperous – not in generations, but between two elections. The future of over 130 crore Indians depends on what we do today. Let us not waste any more time.

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