Two Mothers and a Baby

In the light of the recent spat between the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Union Government, the Dhan Vapasi movement has become even more relevant.

You remember that story of two women who both claim in the king’s court that the baby is theirs? And then the king asks the baby to be cut up and divided in two so that the real mother’s identity can be revealed – she will be the one who feels the pain of her baby being killed.

Something very similar is happening in India, but with an important difference. The baby is the 10 lakh crores of cash reserves that the Reserve Bank of India has. How big is 10 lakh crores? 1 followed by 13 zeroes. Comes to Rs 40,000 for every Indian family. Two ‘mothers’ fighting over the baby is RBI and the BJP-led government at the Centre. Mother RBI has it, and the Mother Government wants it.

So why does Mother Government want it? Arre baba, it is the election year. Some voters need to be purchased, right? It is what every Mother Government does. All that the politicians want is to give the money to those who are most likely to vote for them and keep a big chunk of it for themselves.

They have already looted Mother LIC, Mother National Small Savings Fund, Mother ONGC, and of course many others. The last one left now is Mother RBI. Hence the fight.

But, as I said, there is a big difference in this story. The 10 lakh crores do not belong to either of them. They are not the Mothers, they are just the Ayahs. The Mother is the Indian public – it is our baby, it is our wealth. It is the wealth of every Indian family.

Don’t get fooled. This fight may be between the RBI and the government, but unless you act, there is only one loser – you. It is your baby getting cut up.

But you can stop the political parties and their agents from depriving you of your wealth, voice and prosperity. For that, the 70 crore people who are not attached to any of the political parties must come together in the next election and unite and vote on a single theme – freedom and prosperity.

Friends, that is why we have started a movement called Dhan Vapasi. To free our wealth from the clutches of the politicians and bureaucrats so every Indian can be rich – not after many generations, but now.

Join Dhan Vapasi and help us elect a Lok Sabha of Independent MPs chosen by us – the best 543 people that we can find across India. This government for prosperity will then pass the Dhan Vapasi Bill to return the wealth of every Indian and put India on an irreversible path to prosperity.

Dhan Vapasi is the Alternative. Dhan Vapasi is Freedom. Dhan Vapasi is Prosperity.

You can make it happen. If not you, who? If not now, when?

Jai Hind.