The electoral route in politics has been largely closed by the established political parties for most of us. Dhan Vapasi tech platform changes this forever!

Dhan Vapasi is about two numbers – 50 lakh and 70 crores. Rs 50 lakhs is the haq- rightful share- of every Indian family in India’s public wealth – and this share must be returned back to them, so they can create their own path to prosperity.

70 crore – two-thirds of eligible Indian voters – are people like us who are unattached to any of the political parties. If the shakti of 70 crores come together, we can form India’s first government of prosperity and start the process of returning the Rs 50 lakh to every family – Dhan Vapasi, to make every Indian rich and free.

Dhan Vapasi will not be done by the existing political parties and their MPs. They have been doing the opposite — they have run an anti-prosperity machine for the past 70 years. They cannot make it happen.

Only a new set of leaders trusted by us, accountable to us and chosen by us – only they can make Dhan Vapasi happen. This is where you come in.

In today’s talk, I want to speak to those among you who are keen to transform India by being part of a winning Lok Sabha majority which forms India’s first government of prosperity.

For many of us, the electoral route in politics has been largely closed. The established political parties make it very difficult for those without political godfathers or a lot of money to get into politics and public service. Contesting as an Independent without large-scale support only results in losing your security deposit.

Dhan Vapasi’s tech platform changes this – it democratises entry into politics and creates a path for you to become a Lok Sabha MP, and possibly India’s next Prime Minister. As an MP or PM, you can then put India on the path to universal and hamesha prosperity.

Here is how it works. Dhan Vapasi’s tech platform has 2 sides – for Members and Leaders. As people support Dhan Vapasi, sign-up and help get others to sign-up, the Dhan Vapasi membership base grows.

This creates an incentive for Leaders – people like you — to register, so you can represent the Members in their Lok Sabha constituency. The winning candidate selected by the members via internal elections – primaries — can then potentially go on to win in the Lok Sabha elections and become the MP.

The Dhan Vapasi platform for Leaders allows members to rank, rate, and question the Leaders. So, it is a completely open and transparent system – where it is public opinion and not high command that determines your chances of becoming the Lok Sabha candidate in the constituency.

We are launching the Leaders section of the Dhan Vapasi platform today – you will see more and more features coming in the next few weeks. Here is a glimpse.

There are 3 important rules that will drive the internal elections for the selection of the Dhan Vapasi -supported Independent candidate.

One, for internal elections, there must be more than 5% supporters for Dhan Vapasi in a constituency. Our Independent candidates will not be vote cutters – they will be vote winners.

Two, only the top 5 leaders by points in a constituency are eligible for contesting the internal elections. You can earn points by helping sign up people for Dhan Vapasi and getting endorsements from others.

Three, voting in the internal elections will ensure that the winning candidate has the support of the majority (50%+1) of the members.

All the rules and details will also be available on the site and the app.

So, friends, if you want to lead India, this is your opportunity. If you want to create a prosperous India, this is the moment in time. If you want to get into public life, here is where you begin. India is waiting for your leadership.

And for those among you who have always wanted the best to represent us as MPs, go out and tell them.

Jai Hind.