If Not You, Who? If Not Now, When?

We want to see India prosper, flourish and get out of the shackles of poverty but hardly know what to do about it. Not anymore.

Do we have the power to change our destiny and therefore the power to change India’s destiny? My answer is yes. Yes, we have the power to change our destiny.

Let’s start with a truth. We are the masters of our own destiny. We have the power to determine our future, and the power to create the world that our children will inherit.

For around 70 years, we have neglected our primary responsibility. Our primary responsibility was to create a society that is fair, a society that is productive, and a society that is caring and prosperous. We did not do that. We neglected our duty, our dharma.

Instead we handed over our responsibility to political parties. Because we did that, the political parties took control of our lives. They became our masters and we became their servants. As masters, they took our wealth to enrich themselves. And what did we get in return for our freedom?

Only a gas cylinder this year, a solar lantern another year, a saree or some food at ration shops. The exchange was pitiable. They took away our freedom and gave us pitifully little in return. They made us poor, and then they controlled us.

We have only ourselves to blame. We have sold our freedom to the new raj, just as we did during the British raj. We have made the political parties our new masters.

If we care about our families, our children, our country, it is time we stopped this trade. We gave away our freedom for a pittance but now it is time we took it back. We should not pass on this terrible legacy to our children.

So how do we solve this problem? How do we take control of our lives, our destiny? The answer is clear. We have to use the system we have to change. The one precious thing we have is our vote. We must use our vote to demand change.

This is what I propose. We must select people who work for us, not for the political parties. How? By selecting those who agree to free us from the clutches of the present government. We have a platform to do that. We have the Dhan Vapasi platform.

The Dhan Vapasi platform enables you – and not the political party — to choose your representative.This makes the person you choose accountable to you, not to the bosses of the political party that gives the ticket to contest the election.

We must choose candidates who represent our interests, not the interests of political party bosses. We must choose those candidates who will return our share of the public wealth to us. Every family is owed one lakh rupees every year as our share of the public wealth of India.

In the upcoming elections, you have the power to change the system. Only you can secure your freedom. Only you have the power to demand your wealth back. Only you can make Dhan Vapasi happen.

The political parties will take your vote and give you very little in return. But if you decide to be your own master, you can force a change in the system that exploits you. Be part of the revolution that makes you the master, not the servant. We have to vote only for those who are committed to us, and not to the politicians.

Go to DhanVapasi.com and use the Dhan Vapasi app to take back control of what is rightfully yours. Sign up as a Member, and get others to sign-up. And perhaps, even decide to become a Leader.

If you don’t, then who will. And if not now, then when.

Jai Hind.